Community Acupuncture takes place in a group setting. New research indicates that there is an increased level of healing when people get treatment in a community.  We don't try to explain it, we just make sure you get it.

Community Acupuncture clinics use comfy recliners with warm blankets (if you want them), and an acupuncturist is always close at hand if you need to get our attention.  Oh yes, and nap as long as you like.

Community Acupuncturists may recommend frequent treatments for your condition.  In order to help you come in regularly, we charge a much lower price than conventional private room acupuncture. 

Does this mean the treatment is lesser quality or shorter? NO, same full-size treatment, the best we know how to give, based on our years of experience!

Our clinic  uses a sliding scale payment system between $20-40 (the cost of a common co-payment at your doctor's office), with a one time $10 new patient paper work fee.  You and you alone decide how much you can pay for any treatment, no questions asked.

What is POCA (People's Organization of Community Acupuncture)?

As a multi-stakeholder cooperative, POCA's goal is to make acupuncture available to as many people as possible and to support those providing acupuncture to create stable and sustainable businesses and jobs.  There were around 910,000 acupuncture treatments  given in 2013 by community acupuncture POCA clinics.

Walk-ins Welcome.  Appointments Preferred.


If you enjoyed you're treatment and like what we do, please bring a friend or family member.

Your referrals are the fuel that keeps our business operating!